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How to distinguish between ordinary crystal and glass ?

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Most people are very easy to crystal glass with the general confusion in the purchase of the crystal, then the crystal and how to distinguish between ordinary glass it? Here is the recipe tips:

1. Listen: with the middle finger shells hit ordinary glassware voice is muffled "flap" sound, and crystal ware brittle voice, is "Dangdang" sound with a metallic sound, the higher the hardness of the crystal, the sound louder .

2. Gloss: sunlight compare quality crystal reflects the colors of light, bright colors, and the transition very natural light and rich color glass refraction is often incomplete and relatively bleak. Transparency in natural light compared to the high quality crystal transparency, showing crystal white, while the ordinary glass or pure crystal will be yellow or mixed with cyan.

3. Pattern: For the same degree of fineness of handcrafted crystal, the pattern of higher, on a small area of the finer pattern forming complex, the higher the value. Stroking, hand tread surface a rough sense difficult to handle, and the mechanism tread surface is smooth.

4. Use: Because of the hardness of the crystal is much higher than ordinary glass, long-term use often does not become dirty, while the glass used repeatedly for a long time, it is very easy to scratches and surface soiling like. After distinguish, you have to do is to carefully check the article as a whole is intact, whether the appearance of defects flaws, the surface is smooth and detailed.

Crystal maintenance extremely simple, just after use promptly washed with water or with a wet cloth to wipe the surface dust on the line; but for those small crystal jewelry topsoil on, you only need to wipe decontamination without blowing, in order to prevent crystal surface fluff. Further, since the crystal greater hardness, toughness small, easily broken by heavy impact, so when you usually use to try to avoid the bump. It should also be taken to avoid with alkaline, acid and alcohol-based cleaning agent to prevent corrosion, such as ashtrays and other utensils should also minimize the time to warm up, to avoid oxidation damage.


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