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What is plexiglass?

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Chemical name Poly (methyl methacrylimide) polymethyl methacrylate is polymerized from methyl methacrylate monomer MMA. Is a thermoplastic, the density of 1.19 to 1.20, a high transparency, the transmittance of up to 92 ~ 93%, 99% transparent to visible light, ultraviolet light 72%, weighs only 1/2 of ordinary glass, chipping performance of 12 to 18 times that of ordinary silica glass, mechanical strength and toughness greater than 10 times more than ordinary glass, metal hardness equivalent to aluminum, has outstanding weather resistance and resistance to aging, low temperature (-50 ~ 60 ℃) and higher temperature (100 ℃ or less) the same impact strength, good electrical insulation properties, is resistant to arc, good thermoforming properties, easy processing molding, good mechanical processing properties, can be sawing, drilling, milling, turning, planing processing, chemical stability, the ability of the general chemical corrosion, insoluble in water.

PMMA has a very beautiful appearance, after polishing with a crystal-like crystal gloss, alias "plastic crystal queen." Disadvantages: not as good as hardness steel, ceramics, glass and other inorganic silicon products. Water absorption and thermal expansion coefficient is large.

Plexiglass uses: plexiglass because of their special properties are widely used in hotels, stadiums, airport terminals, bus shelters, schools, outdoor advertising light boxes.

Transport: Door trains, buses, and car tail lamp, aircraft, ships and other window coverings.

Construction industry: store display windows, soundproof windows, safety cover, shade / dome greenhouse, stadium

Security isolation panels, solar collectors, guard equipment, building decorative panels.

Household lighting: fluorescent hood, street lights, hanging lamp, insert lighting panels, light boxes board.
Medical: infant incubators, medical equipment, surgical appliances.

General Civil: bathroom, dressing table, furniture, crafts, picture frames, tanks, carpet guard,
Display, advertising panels, doors and windows, bay stair steps panels.

Other uses: lighting surfers, roof lighting cover, furniture, electrical machinery industrial supplies transparent cover,Optics lens, motorized wind deflector, aquarium, windshield, submarines and war with trench periscope.

PS board Description

Commonly known as "organic board," the chemical name Polystyene polystyrene, density of 1.02 to 1.08 is a thermoplastic, high transparency (light transmittance after the plexiglass), has excellent electrical insulation,high-frequency insulation is preferred, more brittle quality, impact resistance, weather resistance and aging resistance plexiglass relatively poor mechanical properties and processing properties as good as thermal processing plexiglass, the ability of the general chemical corrosion, chemical stability, and hardness similar to plexiglass, and water absorption thermal expansion coefficient is less than glass, plexiglass prices are low.


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