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Use of glass art home decoration create a personalized space

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Increasingly diverse varieties of glass, now, art glass has a strong flavor of the times it has been fully applied to every corner of the home life. Generalized art glass covered with glass as a carrier, reflecting the design concept and the expression of artistic effects products, including works of art, handicrafts and decorations.

Glass backdrop: Fantasy scene

It can be said, is not the modern living room backdrop supporting space, and some fresh style, into a single backdrop painted the living room and even into the most brilliant spectacle. Currently many types of decorative art glass, the pattern embossed glass surface convex, stereoscopic, very suitable as a home backdrop appears. Standing carved glass is a combination of flat sand, color, texture and other technical, artistic effects appear stronger.

The use of transparent glass, refraction properties, art glass and natural light and a variety of ingenious combination of lighting can create a fantasy blurred artistic effect. Such as sofa backdrop, filled with brushed metallic glass, natural light can ice texture metal reflected most vividly. Provided spotlights in front of sand carved glass with a sense of rough gravel, then make their own art glass pattern in the light of the special three-dimensional rendering. Even the most unpretentious of transparent color, can also be based on the needs of the master bedroom, in an instant turned into red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple variety of colors of nature, a very romantic atmosphere.

Glass partition: to enhance the taste

Cut off in home improvement design often used it to improve the visual effects, manufacturing has unusually effective private space, change the structure. Therefore, the ability to select a suitable material as a barrier is very important. "Art Glass increasingly updated, as the organic product Artist perception, emotions, ideals, ideas and other comprehensive mental activity, because of its emphasis on artistic expression, appeal and shocking, but also has a clear creative theme, broad extension, rich meaning, unique style and exquisite craft, it is suitable as a family cut off. "

As with art glass partition, although the cost is higher, but because of its light and airy property, artistic and modern look strong. It can reduce the sense of isolation of the two spaces, visually expand the space in the area, even the smaller rooms are also very suitable. Because the glass also has a waterproof, moisture and corrosion resistance, it is currently the most common glass partition is to be used in the bathroom or kitchen. For example, in the master suite, with a glass partition from the bathroom, it has a better lighting performance. The living room is cut off with the most art glass, separated by space, but it also has good ornamental. In addition, its short construction period, no need to paint a shape, and color, colorful patterns, can also be customized for a variety of styles.

Glass entrance: Light-clear

"Today's Art Deco glass both for its unique shape and color, the trend in the interpretation of the chic and elegant; can also be used simple lines and unique design, passed out of fashion taste." We can imagine that, in the open the house at the moment, there will be an unprecedented bright space to greet you, feel at home is not prettier?

As the first open landscape, in addition to blocking the entrance function, also represents the "window dressing." A fine art often make your home entrance icing on the cake, but generally residential area of the modern city is relatively narrow, if you set the entrance area is too large, it will obviously feel cramped space, it is difficult maneuvers. To solve this problem, made of glass entrance, it is a more clever design. Maybe we already accustomed to seeing the wood, stone, metal and other materials, but just look at those fine art glass, we will find: can no kind of material like glass resplendent color, bright colors; there is no kind of material can crystal clear like glass, changing magnificent.


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