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Art glass into new favorite decoration

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With the renovation market development, today's increasingly diverse home improvement materials, art glass has become a hot current home improvement applications. Reporters found through market research, 80% will be used in the home decoration glass art.

Art glass has a strong decorative effect, along with its complex production process, which was once a high-end consumer products. Three years ago, it is also listed as a luxury art glass decoration materials, used for hotels, cafes and other high-end leisure and entertainment. But in recent years, with the price of art glass gradually reduced, art glass distribution businesses are also showed an increasing trend, art glass shape is also more diverse. Art glass panel as a wardrobe, decorative wall, back wall or room dividers appear, has become the home of great artistic space expressive material, become the new darling of the trend of young people to pursue.

Art glass decorative effect in space there are two main characteristics: First, it closed room with the outside landscape through art of recycling, understanding to reconcile one, to make us into the interior with the outside world but if natural forged, expand the space in the psychological depth and height. Secondly, most of the art glass reflects the combination of modern decorative and folk art to form beauty, greatly improving the space decorated grades.

In the interview, the reporter also learned that the current art glass styles, Chinese, simple European, Mediterranean, American and other decor are applicable, and the shape is also very diverse, diamond-shaped pieces, irregular graphics, mixed colors and so endless. In addition, there is a strong art glass practicality and functionality, for example, to the open kitchen separated fumes and transparent "cut off", not only to live separated fumes, so the kitchen is still open in the visual style. Bathroom use of art glass, but also give the bathroom adds a hazy beauty. In addition, the living room TV backdrop decoration is often heavy head, not too much trouble, replace the wallpaper with a side of art glass, crystal clear, but not simple.


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