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Various stains stained glass daily cleaning resolve recipe

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Bright and clean glass products, is one of the building materials consumers interested, then it should if stained stains on the glass cleaning products in life how to deal with it?

1. Six Ways glass cleaning

When ① stucco wall windows get dirty with lime, lime to remove these tumors track, with the general water scrubbing is more difficult. In this regard, use a damp cloth dipped in sand scrub child windows, it can easily make lime spots off.

② gypsum powder or chalk dip coated on the glass, wipe dry with a cloth, make the glass clean and bright.
③ glass falling into black, fine cloth dipped in toothpaste can be used to clean, it will look like new.
After washing ④ fresh water shell, a mixed solution of a protein can be obtained with water, use it to wipe the glass or furniture, will increase the luster.
⑤ When the window glass in stained smears or traces, put a few drops of kerosene damp cloth or white wine, gently wipe the glass clean and bright soon.
⑥ dip paint on glass, cloth dipped in a little vinegar can be used it will be scrubbed.

2. Clean the mirror three methods

① small mirror or the wardrobe mirror, mirror dressing table mirror with dirt, use a soft cloth (or gauze), dipped in kerosene or some wax to clean, wipe with a damp cloth must not otherwise be blurred mirror, glass and corrosive.
② wipe with a cloth dipped in milk, mirrors, picture frames and key, can make it clear, bright.
③ Bath, the bathroom mirror was often blurred Xunde vapor. Soap can be applied mirror with a dry cloth, a layer of soap film on the mirror that is formed to prevent the mirror fuzzy. Convergence such as the use of make-up water detergent can also receive the same effect.

3. bonded glass Handle

First event glass to stick handle place cleaned with vinegar, then washed with glass handle vinegar, dry. Then with egg and are coated on a glass handle, after compaction dry, this simple glass handle the very durable.

4. The method of homemade frosted glass

Take Banpen of water, the number of Tie-Shabu (according to the number of Shabu No. frosted glass thickness requirements) turn on the water dipped a few minutes, then wash down grit emery cloth rub on gently tossed away the water. The paste is placed on the sand to be ground glass, take another piece to be pressed against the glass above the ground, and then hand pressed masterpiece endless grinding. After a few minutes, we will be able to get two good wear frosted glass.

5. ceramics, glass pebbles pieces can be classified

Without when scribing glass diamond glass cutter, you can find a piece of broken ceramic pieces, or the cobblestone crack, using its sharp corners, with a ruler than the force on the glass after the scratches, the glass will be able to force to break apart. This is because the ceramic and glass pebbles hardness than big.

6. The egg white may be bonded glass products

Broke the glass products, available egg white painted two sections, four weeks after commissure wipe spilled egg white, after half an hour can be fully bonded, then place one or two days can be used, even when subjected to an external force larger role the adhesive is not at fault. This method can also be used to bond rupture small porcelain.


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